Monday, October 21, 2013

Wet felting Jewellery on the 19th Oct with Nicola Brown.

Our day began at 9.30 when all the ladies arrived at the studios and we began with a quick cup of coffee and a little chat to get to know each other. The class was full and students had travelled from near and far. Some of the ladies had been travelling since 6.30 that morning to get to us.

Firstly we all got to choose our bag of felt, which was great and each bag was different.
At 10 we all watched Nicola doing some Demos so we then all started making flowers and then progressed onto making cords. The process of the water and soap was a pleasure to work with.
I got carried away a few times with the soap as I really loved the feeling of it. It's a really enjoyable technique.
Everyone in the class was chatting how relaxing the process was. The time just flew by so it was nearly 1.30 before we broke for lunch and we all sat out in the Conservatory. We were all so excited to get back into our creations. At this stage everyone was focusing in our what they wanted to make.
The day finished around 4.45 and then we broke to take some photos of the creations. We all then sat down and Nicola explained the process again and shared where we could get some extra materials.
It was a really enjoyable class. I loved the pieces I made and I know everyone else did too.
Everything looked so professional and the results were just beautiful.

Can't wait for the next class.
Check out some of the results from the class.

So proud of all the results.

Thanks so much to all the ladies who came along.

Love, Laughs and Creations.



  1. All are so beautiful, very nice color combination and wonderful jewelry sets. Creative students with brilliant teacher. Well done!

    1. Thanks so much. The colours are just so vibrant and we LOVE having Nicola here at Ennis Craetive Arts Centre.

  2. Thanks a million Terriea it was a wonderful class. Nicola is a great teacher. have you been to one of her classes?

    1. Oh yes, Shirley. I've to her workshops twice in Portugal. I'm from Hong Kong. So you know how I admire her creations and techniques! She's fantastic and generous to share her expertise.

  3. Thats so correct Terriea she is so forth coming with her techniques and also where to get the materials again. Do you felt yourself. I love to see everyones work.

  4. Sometime perhaps you could come to Ireland for a class.